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Role of the Leader

Many of these Awards can be obtained by the Juniors participating in the weekly meeting. You may find it beneficial to have a Leader solely responsible for the Award Scheme and to discuss at a meeting which Awards to tackle and how to organise the Juniors. A chart of the weekly meeting participants will help record individual’s work. The Awards can be incorporated into the session every week, or as a project on a theme for a short period of time.

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Many awards require record sheets to record weekly achievements and have signatures given. Select the one you need here.

This record sheet will help you keep track of the Awards gained by the Junior for each level: Bronze, Silver and Gold.



The Scottish Junior CE Award Scheme is based on the concept of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. The Awards are to encourage and for most of them the criteria for achievement is the good effort and positive attitude by the Junior as they work through the requirements. The motives behind them are the qualities of loyalty, commitment and caring for others as they live their every day Christian life serving Christ and the Church.

Age Limit

Leaders should guide their Juniors to the subjects most suitable for them. Some subjects are best tackled by the more mature child, others lend themselves to all age groups. The older Junior who is transferring to a Young People’s society may continue the Scheme in YPCE.

The Certificates

These are A4 and PDF which can be downloaded by all  CE Groups. Simply request from CE in Scotland. Contact us They can then be collected in a ten pocketed display book for each Junior.

Bronze, Silver and Gold

For each stage, certificates need to be gained: 8 for Bronze, 14 in total for Silver and 20 in total for Gold. When the appropriate totals are achieved, a special certificate and a badge is presented.

There are two compulsory awards for each stage but the otherwise you choose from the selection of 46. Click below for all information.