CE in Scotland. Registered Charity No SC010701. (C) 2013.

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It works in the local church based on four Principles. The CE Principles  will  help the local Church Leader to understand the basics and concepts of Christian Endeavour.

The Christian Endeavour Principles will be the core of what happens regularly in the life of the CE group. These are-

1. The Weekly Session

2. The Christian Endeavour Promise

3. Promise Making

4. Group Work

The Weekly session is where the youngsters try things that they have not done before. It is a place where they can learn from situations which go wrong and accept it as part of the growing process, doing it better next time.  Activities or ‘jobs’ they may be responsible for are : chairperson, Bible reader, taking up the offering, choosing songs, lead in prayer, quizmaster, meeting room attendant or telling the story.

           The Junior CE Aims

                               The Junior Promise

I am trusting the Lord Jesus

to forgive me,

to love me,

 to help me to pray and read the Bible everyday,

and to obey His teaching in all I think do and say.

I will try to attend CE every week

and help by taking part.

Group/Committee activity is an essential component of the training and participation element of Christian Endeavour. Within the Group, small groups/committees should be formed to take

responsibility for various aspects of the Junior CE Group.  This gives them ownership of their sessions.

Group work is the aim for the established Group.

Once a month, or at least once a quarter, there should be a special time within the Devotional Meeting for an act of Promise making. All the Juniors can read or sing the Junior CE Aims and each child can consider where they are on their Christian Journey.         

Aim and Promise music and words.



Juniors become confident as they try things for themselves.