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Juniors are children from Primary 3 through to Secondary 1. They can be challenged to try new things and develop their skills, sense of responsibility and understanding of the Christian faith.

The Junior weekly session should be full of variety: games, quizzes, craft, music or drama. The Juniors will be encouraged to take  responsibility for these.

Juniors learn in a variety of ways with a hands on approach through Bible reading, Sword Drill, story telling, praying, Quizzes and Games .

Juniors love to be challenged and the AWARD SCHEME is a terrific vehicle for this as they explore many aspects of  Christian living in the Church and  community.


Junior Christian Endeavour works best with school children  in P3 to S1.

CE encourages Juniors to try things that they have not done before.  It is a place where they can learn from situations which go wrong and accept it as part of the growing process, doing it better next time.  CE aims to help the Juniors to become Christians and grow in their spiritual life.

Each child is unique and has their own understanding and rate of development so as the Juniors meet regularly the sessions should be geared to their level.  The sensitive Leader will include more games and activities to get a point over or include more thoughtful and spiritual activities depending on the members of the Group. The weekly session has many opportunities for involvement gradually producing confident individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and effective contributors.