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Games are fun! Games help team spirit, teaching and following rules. They can be prepared and lead by the Juniors.

Quizzes encourage the memorising of Bible verses and stories.  They can be prepared and lead by the Juniors.





Each guideline for a weekly session follows the same layout and always provides many opportunities for Junior participation as CE aims to train young people to actively take part in their Christian meeting.  

Each week there is provided a ‘Plan’, ‘To prepare’ and ‘Programme’.  As a Leader this must be prepared a week in advance so that elements of the programme can be allocated to individuals to prepare for the following week.  The Leader must  always be a week ahead!

TO PREPARE details the elements which need to be prepared by the Juniors or the Leader.  As the Juniors become more confident, most of the programme should be done by them. A CE Leader oversees and encourages others to take part and praises a job well done.

The CHAIRPERSON’S PLAN need not be adhered to rigidly as you, the leader, may feel your Juniors need a lighter programme with some more active games or art work etc., or the activity needs  adapting  to their needs.  The time allowed has also to be considered and perhaps you will need to cut out some of the items.  The order of items, however, does have a progression and should be used in the given order.

Many topics are included in the AWARD SCHEME resources under four headings: Christian Endeavour; Christian Living; Reaching Out; Bible.

PROGRAMME gives information for other elements of the programme, explaining items in more detail.

Recurring elements may be Chain Prayer, Sword Drill          and Drama for which there is help given.

Games and Quizzes are essential ways of getting involved, increasing awareness and learning.  Games and Quizzes can be prepared and organised by the Juniors - with a little guidance!


The following PDFs are free to download. Numbers refer  to total of sessions.

There are many more Topics in the CE in Scotland’s Award  Scheme Manual. As they become available for downloading, they will be added to this site.

For information about these Contact Us.

Athletics (4)

Bible Books and Activities (3)

Christian Attitude to Money (3)

Christmas (2)

Daily Bible Reading (1)

David (5)

Easter (2)

Good Neighbour ( 1)

Jesus (8)

Joseph (6)

Moses (6)

Mother’s Day (1)

Paul (7)

Peter (7)

Prayer (5)

Saying ‘No!’ (4)

Think About Faith (4)