CE in Scotland. Registered Charity No SC010701. (C) 2013.

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“Young people can make the same level of commitment to Jesus Christ as adults.”

“Never do anything in the church for young people they can learn to do themselves.”

CE History is one of the Awards for the Award Scheme for the Juniors.  (8-13 year olds). It is in the form of  a leaflet which they illustrate themselves. It tells the life story of Francis E Clark  and how he became founder of this worldwide organisation.


Francis E Clark was a young minister in Portland, Maine, USA with his first congregation. His main concern was for the Young People. How could he encourage them to be more confident about their Christian faith? How could he make them feel wanted and responsible within his Fellowship? The answer was to give them ownership.

WHY could CE be good

for your Church?

Like its founder, Dr. Francis E. Clark, the leadership of CE is committed to the time-tested and proven premise of the original movement. We know that unless youth learn to lead in the church, they leave it. The guiding philosophy from 1881 continues to drive our ministry over 130 years later.


Young people in Portland, Maine, USA took part as they still do today.